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A New Sunglass Sales Model for Today’s Bicycle Retailer

Remember the old sunglass sales model?

Bicycle Retailer: “Do you need sunglasses to go with your purchase”?

Customer: “I already have sunglasses, thanks”.

Bicycle Retailer: Oh, OK.

And that was the end of that sale. Why? Because you didn’t have anything different to sell from what your customer could get from hundreds of other retailers.

Let Zoran introduce you to a new, exciting–and profitable–sunglass sales model!

Bicycle Retailer: “Do you need sunglasses to go with your purchase”?

Customer: “I already have sunglasses, thanks”.

Bicycle Retailer: Not like Zoran’s! These sunglasses are designed specifically for cycling and offer performance features no other sunglasses have. And you will only find them here!

Customer: Performance features? What are you talking about?

Bicycle Retailer: “The lenses automatically adapt to any light conditions, day or night. No more of the three lenses guessing game. Zoran’s are designed not to fog, rain and sweat rolls right off, so you don’t get that moisture accumulation you get with other sunglasses”!

“The frame is so light and your vision is so clear you forget they are on your face!

When you ride from sunlight into shadows or even a tunnel you can still see clearly! This feature makes them great on the trail”!

“Oh, and by the way the frame is designed not to slip down you nose and they won’t chatter”.

“They also protect from 100% of all UVA and UVB rays and they meet military ballistic standards”.

Customer: “But I need prescription sunglasses.”

Bicycle Retailer:“ If you need prescription sunglasses or readers you can order them here and it will take about two weeks. Zoran will ship them directly to you”!

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the sound of you or your sales associate closing a profitable sale!

With the introduction of Zoran Sunglasses to the bicycle retail market, Zoran now enables you to make the sale of our sunglasses an integral part of your sales pitch when selling bikes and accessories!  Gone are the days of carrying sunglasses in your store, just to have them available for an occasional request by customers.

How can we do that? Zoran sunglasses offers performance features not offered by any other sunglass company! That’s right, performance features. Now you have sunglasses specifically designed for cycling to sell. Cycling sunglasses that your customers can’t get anywhere else but from your store!

So, you are still skeptical about a new sales model?

These sunglasses are so good they are meant to be sold. So, give them a try! Offering the best sunglasses on the market can become integral to your customer’s sales experience.  Your customers will thank you!

Request a demo pair and try them yourselves. Contact Brandon@zoransunglasses.com to begin your journey into higher profits!