Experience A Better Ride

Technological Advances Create Opportunities for Independent Bike Dealers

The cycling industry is constantly changing making equipment and bikes lighter, stronger and more efficient through the use of technology and innovation. Many of the items that are common place today were cutting edge just a few years ago. Many great brands have pushed the limits of materials and technology to improve and expand cycling as we know it. These areas are now large profit centers but when they were first introduced the industry was skeptical if they would even be in business next spring.

Zipp wheels is one such example, which used technology and design to improve the basic aluminum wheels and created a whole new category of carbon wheels. Carbon wheels are common place today but ten years ago a high-end aluminum road wheelset topped out around the $1,000 price point. Now on group rides, $2,000 to $3,000 dollar wheels are common place.

Many companies have stood out from the rest by adding technology and design to change a category completely. Take cycling computers, high end computers used to run $100 but now GPS computers with navigation, power and heart rate can easily run north of $500. Smart trainers have changed at home indoor training from old school boring workouts to virtual workouts, races and even group rides. Now indoor training is easier to do and can be extremely effective and almost enjoyable with a wide selection of programs and apps to choose from.

These advancements in each category of cycling have one thing in common, they used technology to improve a cyclist’s overall ride. These technically advanced products created larger and better categories for bicycle retailers to benefit from. Zoran Sunglasses is following this path that has worked in many other categories by adding technology to the world of sunglasses to create the FIRST cycling specific sunglasses.

Zoran technologies address all the major issues that cyclists face while riding.

  • Changing light conditions
  • Fogging of lenses
  • Moisture build up on lenses
  • Glare
  • Smudges and oils on the lenses
  • Glasses moving around while riding
  • Frame blocking peripheral vision
  • Prescriptions – can’t see the road or trail
  • Readers – can’t read cycling computer or phone

Zoran started with a blank slate to create glasses that are specific for cyclists from the design of the frame to the coatings on the lenses – everything was designed for cyclists. What also became apparent was the need for many cyclists to have glasses that can come with prescriptions and readers. Over 70% of adults in the US need some sort of vision correction, so most of these customers cannot currently buy glasses at a bicycle retailer. Zoran sunglasses uses ophthalmic grade lenses and specific processes with proprietary coatings to produce one of the most advance lenses available.

Zoran is a new category of cycling specific sunglasses. Cyclists no longer have to suffer with a generic sports sunglass that isn’t designed to meet the demands of cycling.