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The R&D Behind The Zoran Sunglasses Technology

The R&D Behind Zoran Sunglasses

The design, engineering and development of a pair of sunglasses that would perform at the highest level in the sport of cycling had many technical challenges to overcome. Cycling, as it turns out, has the most challenging needs of any sport for any sunglass product to perform effectively. It is arguably the toughest sport in the world, and this is reflected in the difficulties of making a product that works.

With this in mind Zoran set out to accomplish the difficult task of creating performance cycling sunglasses.

The engineering approach Zoran took to create an effective pair of cycling sunglasses was dramatically different from other companies. We did not modify the existing product options; we wiped the slate clean and started from scratch.

We did have an advantage though. Our optical and cycling backgrounds provided the knowledge necessary to build performance cycling sunglasses. Our design and development team include partners with over 25 years in optics manufacturing, 30 years in sunglass sales and 20 years in bicycle retailing.

Our R&D Team’s Approach

  • Identify and detail the physical and environmental challenges cyclists encounter while wearing sunglasses.
  • Determine any requirement difference among cycling’s various disciplines (Road, Mountain, Gravel etc.)
  • Analyze the existing sport sunglass technology currently available on the market and determine its effectiveness and where it was failing.
  • Analyze and compare the available optical or ophthalmic technological applications and apply that criteria to the development of the best sunglasses we could build.
  • Develop new technologies if required to seamlessly integrate ophthalmic technologies to create a superior visual experience.
  • Test and re-test!


We recognized prescription cycling sunglasses are difficult to obtain in the marketplace today, therefore the ability to offer prescription strengths for cyclists was a large part of our development strategy. So we brainstormed with our optical manufacturing partner and designed our sunglasses in cooperation with their lab.

We also recognized that computer technology and the current legal environment regarding prescriptions made it possible for bicycle retailers to sell prescription sunglasses (by federal law an eye care professional must provide the patient with their prescription upon completion of the exam).

Lens Selection

Other brands interchangeable multiple tinted lens solution was a non-starter for us.
We determined that photochromic technology was the most optimal and practical solution to achieve our goals. We examined various lens options including:

  • the Zeiss Photo-Fusion
  • Hoya’s Sensity
  • Rodenstock’s Colormatic
  • Essilor’s Transition series and others.

We determined the best option for our needs was the Essilor Transition Series. The other manufacturers make good lenses, but we felt Essilor’s advanced technology offered a high-definition visual experience far superior to any other manufacturer. We also determined that they offered the best manufacturing systems and the best platforms for lens coatings.

One Lens (A Shield) or Two Lenses?

In order to accommodate prescriptions we opted for a two-lens solution rather than the currently popular one lens shield. The additional advantages to the two-lens solution was better clarity and better peripheral vision without any distortion. The two-lens solution also allowed us to design a frame that allowed air flow to aid in eliminating fogging of the lenses.

Advance Lens Coatings Technology

Given our optical backgrounds we were aware of the fact that specific types of lens coatings applied in a certain sequence with certain manufacturing variations specific to Zoran Optics would enable us to accomplish our goal of unrestricted vision regardless of time of day, weather and physical conditions.

Our lens coating technology is specifically designed for the challenge’s cyclists encounter while riding and our coating selection and lens manufacturing processes reflect that. Our coatings are specific to:

  • Controlling lens fogging.
  • Moisture accumulation on both the inside and outside of the lens.
  • Minimizing glare,
  • Controlling lens smudging and oil accumulation.
  • Protection from scratching.

Real World Testing

We tested our lenses and frames for three years prior to going to market. We have tested them at all times of day, in all weather conditions in different geographic locations including the Alps and norther Scotland!

We have tested them in various racing conditions including road, mountain and gravel races. Our racers swear by them and will not ride anything else.
And maybe most importantly, we the partners are avid cyclists and have ridden most other brands of sunglasses.

Nothing compares to the performance of Zoran Sunglasses. They are simply the best.