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Today’s Sports Sunglasses a/k/a The Illusion of Cycling Performance.

Zoran Sunglasses - One Lens For Every Ride

Many of you do not realize the sunglasses you are wearing on your bike are woefully inadequate for the job. Those that do realize it, also realize there is not much they can do about it.  That’s because, to date, the industry has not offered any solutions that really work. Enter Zoran Sunglasses!

Have you hung your sunglasses or on the back of your kit recently? Maybe because of:

London Calling Effect*- Lens fogging

 Depending upon the weather conditions, lens fogging can occur on almost every ride any time of day and any time of year. It occurs when you are climbing, stopped at a light or reach down for a water bottle. It occurs in no wind conditions, when it’s hot and/or humid, in rainy or in cold conditions. It happens all of the time and there is nothing your current sunglasses can do about it! Lens fogging is not only inconvenient it can be dangerous!  Sunglasses in the helmet time!

Scuba Diving Effect – Moisture Accumulation

Have you ever gone diving or snorkling?   If you have, you’ve probably encountered a mask full of water. The same thing can happen to your sunglasses when riding, particularly in hot weather. Sweat runs down from your eyebrows or you drop your head or bend down to make an adjustment and the next thing you know the inside lens of your sunglasses has accumulated so much moisture you can’t see. You attempt to wipe the lens with your kit jersey but all you succeed in doing is moving the moisture around!

Sunglasses in the helmet time!

Shade and Tunnel Surprise (or the disappearing pothole effect)

“Now where is that root system” or “I never saw the branch the clipped my handlebars”! Or Bang! “&%$# I never saw that pothole”! Sound familiar?

Going from one extreme light level to another is too much for today’s sport sunglasses to handle. It can be extremely dangerous as well! Riding on a trail in shaded areas is really hard when your sunglasses are filtering out most of the available light! Maybe it is better to take that bug in the eye!  Sunglasses in the helmet time!

Slip and Slide Effect

On a group ride ever notice that person next to you with their finger on their nose constantly pushing their sunglasses back up? Maybe that person has been you?  Sunglasses in the helmet time!

Early Morning or Nighttime Blues

Self-explanatory – your sunglasses do not work in the dark! Into the helmet again! (See Eeeny Meeny Miny below)

Eeny Meeny or Miny Effect (the 3-lens conundrum)

Dark lens, yellow lens or clear lens? “It’s dark now but sunrise is in an hour.” I’ll just take my usual lenses and put them in my helmet until the sun comes up.”

Rain Rain Go Away

Same as the Scuba Diving Effect except on the outside of your lenses. The water just accumulates until you can’t see. Same result as well. Sunglasses in the helmet time!

Aviator Effect

First Rider: Why are you wearing Aviators on a bike ride”? Second Rider: “I need prescriptions”.

So there you have it, some of the problems we as cyclists encounter with today’s sports sunglasses.

This why we created Zoran Sunglasses!

We designed our sunglasses for cycling from scratch.  The frames are made for cycling and our specialty coated lenses solve all of the issues that cause cyclists to hang their sunglasses from their helmet or kit.  AND we have priced them at a pricepoint to benefit the dealer affiliate.

Ready to get started on a better ride?