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Zoran Vs Oakley

Zoran vs Oakley Glasses


Zoran Z2-Black Oakley EV Radar Advancer
Initial Retail Price: $499 Initial Retail Price: $246
Transitions® Light Sensitive Lenses (Ophthalmic Grade) Prizm Lens (polarized, non-photochromic)
Photochromic single lens system no need to carry extra lenses Multiple lens system, purchase of extra lenses required depending upon light conditions
Photochromic technology-lens automatically adapt to light conditions (lighten/darken) Lens tint that modifies certain colors, purchase of extra lenses required
Designed for sunny and low light (dark) rides Cannot be used on low light or evening (dark) rides, purchase of extra lens required
High Technology Moisture Control Lens Coatings Designed for Cycling None
97% of available light transmission in all conditions Light transmission depends upon lens color selected, purchase of extra lenses required
Available in prescription strength No
Anti-Fogging Technology: No air vents required, high-tech specialty lens coatings (front and back of lens), specialty designed frames allow for air flow over bridge Anti-Fogging Technology: air vents, manual slider on nose bridge to increase air flow to combat fogging. When cyclist stops, air flow stops
High Technology Lens Coatings Designed for Cycling High Technology Lens Coatings Designed for Cycling
Hydrophobic coating: prevents fogging and moisture accumulation on lens None
Oleophobic coating: oil repellant, minimizes and prevents smudges from handling None
Anti-reflective (or anti-glare) coating: 97% glare reduction, improves vision and reduces eye strain with vision distortion None
Anti-Scratch coating: Minimizes scratches on lens surface None
TR 90 Oakley O-Matter nylon material
Nose Bridge: adjustable, fits glasses comfortably to nose, hydrophylic: non-slip sticky when wet Nose Bridge: non-adjustable nose bridge, Oakley Unobtanium non-slip sticky when wet nose piece
Thermoplastic material: lightweight, flexible, durable and comfortable n/a
Laminar flow design improves airflow behind lens None
Extended temple arms for comfortable, secure wrap Standard temple arm length
100% UVA/UVB protection 100% UVA/UVB protection
Hinge system: rugged and moisture resistant metal 3 barrel hinge system Hinge system: cam action hinge locks, plastic material
No-tangle hair design None
Retail Price: $499 Retail Price After Additional Lens Purchase: $445